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Poetic Irony

14 December
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Having been in the Early Childhood field for the last 10 years or so, one would think I'd be immune to hearing "Oh, so you like kids?" as a subsequent question upon hearing where I work at. Unfortunately, no. It frustrates me to the extent that I must add it here as my absolute abhorrence.

I love travelling to different corners of the globe because for that brief period of time, when I see new places and experience different ways of life, I get to escape my life and enter someone else's. That probably also explains why I love movies.

I'm a fairly organized person. Too detailed and organized, according to some. It works to my advantage at times since I love planning things. But when routine is broken, I get somewhat agitated because I start to sense a loss of control.

Most genres of music are pleasing to my ears, 'cept for heavy metal, which my brain automatically detects as noise. Play me any Jazz or Beyonce number and my senses are instantaneously soothed.

I'm a thinker and a worrier - two adverse traits I inherited from my dear mother. I surround myself with a handful of close friends who, I can only hope, love and understand me well enough to tolerate my flaws. I can be the most sociable person in a room or the life-of-the-party when I'm high and happy. But often times, I tend to be introverted and hibernate when I'm stressed and depressed.